11-Jan-17 - IP Outside Your Comfort Zone: Trade Marks
25-Jan-17 - Patentability of Diagnostics in the US - Will the Decline Ever Reverse
8-Feb-17 - Patent Litigation
15-Feb-17 - EU Trade Secrets
17-Mar-17 - EPO Re-Recorded Proceedings
21-Mar-17 - Canadian Patent Practice
23-Mar-17 - IP Inclusive "Women in IP" 
28-Mar-17 - US PTAB Trials
4-Apr-17 - Patent Box
10-Apr-17 - OCYZ: Software & Patenting
25-Apr-17 - Opinions Service 
26-Apr-17 - EPO Opposition and Appeals
27-Apr-17 - UP/UPC Webinar Series
8-May-17 - OYCZ Copyrights
10-May-17 - UP/UPC Webinar Series
16-May-17 - Patent Searching
26-May-17 - UK & EU Competition Law
30-May-17 - UP/UPC Webinar Series
6-Jun-17 - UP/ UPC Webinar Series
13-Jun-17 - UK Patent Case Law Updates
20-Jun-17 - How to liaise with in-house attorneys
22-Jun-17 - Russian/ Eurasian Update
28-Jun-17 - UP/UPC Webinar Series
3-Jul-17 - Unjustified Threats
4-Jul-17 - UP/UPC Webinar Series
5-Jul-17 - Professional Ethics (Joint CITMA)
10-Jul-17 - Plausibility
 12-Jul-17 - US/EPO Patent Case Law Webinar
13-Jul-17 - Educating the client
18-Jul-17 - UP/UPC Webinar Series
19-Jul-17 - assignments and Recording
12-Sep-17 - UP/UPC Webinar Series
19-Sep-17 - Imposter Syndrome
5-Oct-17 - Commercialisation of academic research – the challenging role of IP in Technology Transfer, Spin-Outs and Start-Ups
17-Oct-17 - Computer related inventions – current scenario in India
25-Oct-17 - FRAND and Standards Issues 
2-Nov-17 - Medical Devices Webinar  (4pm)
15-Nov-17 - Nagoya Protocol Webinar
29-Nov-17 - IP Strategy Stories from the Front Lines Webinar
4-Dec-17 - Blockchain Webinar
5-Dec-17 - LawCare Webinar (Mental Health Awareness)
21-Mar-17 - Canadian Patent Practice