SELECTED Media coverage

Chemical Industry Journal. The importance of IP in the Chemical Industry. Published in October 2018. 
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Furniture & Joinery Production. What's the use of IP? Published in March 2018.  
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First Voice. How to identify and protect your intellectual property. Published in July 2017.
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AAT Comment. Long read: the economic case for intellectual property. Published in July 2017.
This article explores the value of intellectual property on businesses and the economy, and features Catriona Hammer, Chair of the IP Commercialisation Committee at CIPA.  
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First Voice. Protecting intellectual property for small businesses. Published in March 2017.
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Soap, Perfumery & Cosmetics. Patents Regulatory. Protecting Innovation. Published in March 2017.   
Written by CIPA member, Frances Salisbury, this article focuses on the value of protecting innovation at different stages of development of cosmetics products. 
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This article was first published in SPC volume 90 number 3. For more information, please click here.