Updated information on COVID-19

Date published: 17 March 

Last updated: 10 October

During these unprecedented times, CIPA's Officers, committees and staff are working remotely in order to maintain business as usual, as much as is possible. We remain committed to bringing our members high-quality services and to working with Government and international decision-makers to represent their interests at the highest levels.

Updated links to latest information:

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In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, we are trying to maintain business as usual with staff working remotely and have put in place the following measures. 

Our offices in Holborn will be closed until further notice. All meetings and clinics scheduled to be held at our offices will be hosted remotely by staff via video and teleconference wherever possible. We will communicate further details about this to members and others affected in due course.

We are determined that our webinar programme and other services to our members and to the public should not be affected. We urge members to continue to support our webinars and to engage with CIPA to ensure the sustainability of our services throughout this crisis.

The COVID-19 situation remains unpredictable. We are continuously monitoring the situation and will provide updates and links to responses from the main IP service providers on this page as necessary. 

As a member of the Confederation of British Industry, CIPA received the following business support information for small businesses and published this note to members on 25 March:

COVID-19 Business support for small firms

Please take care and stay safe.