The UK remains one of the world’s most attractive patent jurisdictions despite UK IPO fee increases

Published: 3 April 2018

The UK will remain one of the world’s most attractive and cost effective places for patent filings and searches, despite fee increases coming into force on Friday, 6 April.

Charges at the UK Intellectual Property Office had remained unchanged for a number of years.  The IPO moderated its original proposals after submissions from CIPA and others.

For applications filed electronically, the main changes are:

  • Application fee rising from £20 to £60 (+ £15 if not paid on filing)
  • Search fee increasing from £130 to £150 
  • Examination fee up from £80 to £100
  • New excess claims fee (£20 for each claim over 25) and excess pages fee (£10 for each page of description over 35) 

These include increased discounts in the search and examination fees, compared to applications filed on paper.

Tim Jackson, Chairman of CIPA’s Patents Committee, said the UK IPO had a well-deserved reputation for quality searches performed at low cost, and remained good value when compared to other international patent offices.

He said: “The IPO still offers extremely good value for money. Their searches can be incredibly swift - sometimes as quick as one month.

“The benefit of a quick search is that you then have something upon which to base future decisions for that particular invention, for example if it’s worth patenting more widely.”

Full details are listed here: