Published on: 9 January 2018

IP Tutor Plus is an excellent new initiative designed to give tomorrow's decision makers the knowledge they need to fully engage with the intellectual property protection system. The UK's burgeoning knowledge economy is built on innovation and creativity, and turning this into commercial success requires businesses to protect their valuable intellectual property in the various ways possible. IP Tutor Plus will provide the teaching and inspiration needed to ensure the university students of today turn into the business leaders of tomorrow.

IP Tutor Plus is a suite of extensive and engaging teaching materials which can be delivered by lecturers, or by visiting Chartered Patent Attorney or Chartered Trade Mark Attorney speakers. There are presentations tailored specifically to the four areas of teaching, namely creative, humanities, STEM and LBA. 

Of particular interest to CIPA is the teaching for LBA (law, business and accounting) students, as they tend to become either business leaders or business advisors, and it is this area in particular in which a good grounding in IP is vital. 

Jerry Bridge Butler, Chairman of CIPA's Media and PR Committee, has assisted the IPO in creating and refining the IP Tutor Plus materials.

Jerry said: "For too many years the UK's businesses have lagged behind those in other countries when it comes to protecting and fully commercialising intellectual property. 

"It is hoped with things like IP Tutor Plus in place that in the future Chartered Patent Attorneys and Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys will spend less time trying to explain to businesses why they should be protecting their IP, and instead spend more time helping knowledgeable business people achieve their commercial objectives. 

"CIPA members have been delivering IP teaching to their local universities on an ad-hoc basis for decades. One of the main aims of IP Tutor Plus is to standardize this teaching by providing CIPA members with the same teaching materials, and hopefully to expand upon this engagement with higher education by getting more attorneys into more universities.

"It has been a pleasure to represent CIPA in assisting the UK IPO in creating IP Tutor Plus, and I am looking forward to delivering it to students in the future." 

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