cipa artificial intelligence debate - Full film

The complete recording of the CIPA Artificial Intelligence debate at the Science Museum.

How soon might humans be replaced at work? CIPA hosted a free debate on this pressing issue, considering the question through the lens of intellectual property. Tom Clarke, Science Editor of Channel 4 News, chaired a panel of patent and AI experts who debated the proposition that: "This House believes it is inevitable that, within 25 years, a patent will be filed and granted without human intervention."

The event was held in the Science Museum's IMAX Theatre in November 2015. Speaking for the proposition were AI authors Calum Chace and Chrissie Lightfoot. speaking against the proposition were IPO Senior Patent Examiner Nigel Hanley and Chartered Patent Attorney Ilya Kazi. Who won? Watch the film and find out!

Watch the debate highlights video.