inspiring a new generation

Published: 16 April

An initiative to inspire the next generation into a career in intellectual property (IP) has been officially launched.

Careers in Ideas has been created to grow the interest in a career within the IP professions amongst a wider and more diverse audience. It aims to support and inspire anyone who might consider an IP career and those who support them in their choices including careers advisers, teachers and parents

The launch event saw a suite of brand new resources showcased for the first time. The information will be used in schools and for careers advisors and includes and information booklet, a poster and a presentation. The website also contains a host of materials to inspire individuals interested in their own careers choices. 

An offshoot of the IP Inclusive initiative, Careers in Ideas has received a broad range of support from across the IP profession. 

IP Inclusive Leader Andrea Brewster OBE said: "We were delighted by the level of engagement and enthusiasm generated by this event.  Our speakers offered insight and inspiration which will underpin our future work in disseminating the Careers in Ideas resources.  

"This is of course only a beginning, and we are aware that to reach our target audience, the IP professions must not only work collectively but also make the effort to reach out to students and their advisers in the world they occupy and in a way they can identify with.  

"But we are confident we can make a difference.  And ultimately we all stand to benefit if Careers in Ideas is a success: the IP professions, for whom greater diversity will mean greater resilience, and the students who would not otherwise have heard of these remarkable and rewarding careers."

CIPA President Stephen Jones said: "CIPA is pleased to support Careers In Ideas and delighted that the launch was such a success. We urge firms to engage with this important initiative to help build diversity across the IP professions and ensure they are fit for the future."

IP Inclusive was the brainchild of a group of businesses who, under the umbrella of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA), the IP Federation (IP FED), and the UK association of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI-UK), who were looking for ways to encourage ever greater diversity in the sector and to help young people make informed choices about careers in intellectual property. 

The launch event was supported by CIPA, CITMA and IP law firm Dehns.