Using patents to secure investment

Your company has protected its innovations and is looking to secure investment through its patent portfolio. But what does an investor consider before making a decision? EMV Capital (EMVC) has won awards for its work in supporting and empowering innovative, technology-based businesses in the UK and overseas.  

Dr Ilian Iliev, Managing Director of EMVC, says that, because a lot of the proposals his company receive are early stage and pre-revenue, patent portfolios are the only aspects that are objective and can be measured. 

His patent attorney, Dr Mike Barlow, explains the six key questions that investors ask when conducting a due diligence investigation into a patent portfolio. 

00:17 The importance of a strong intellectual property strategy
00:37 Sectors rich in intellectual property 
01:06 The six critical due diligence questions  
02:33 Pre-revenue investment propositions  
02:47 Establishing the basis of a value proposition