My invention: should I file for a patent or register a design?

The Colandish


So you're an inventor or a designer with a new product that has an innovative look as well as a brand new feature that can be protected by a patent.

What is the best way to stop your work from being copied? Should you invest in a patent or a registered design? What is the difference? 

Stefan Knox of Bang Creations, inventor of the Colandish, and his patent attorney, Jerry Bridge-Butler, talk about the importance of protecting your intellectual property and the difference between patents and registered design rights. 

This is the first in our series of case study videos. 

The Colandish 
Protecting the look 

01:10 - Designer Stefan Knox on the importance of having a patent attorney in your team 
01:32 - The difference between a patent and a registered design 
02:00 - The risks of being copied