My invention: protecting product development with patents

The Microwave Detector

Breakthroughs in technology which benefit us all rely on new steps in design and innovation.

It is important for inventors and designers to be able to protect their ideas - their intellectual property - and benefit from the time and money they've spent on product development. They can do this with a patent.

How often do you leave a room and forget to switch the light off? Paul Mans is the inventor of a motion sensor which saves energy costs by detecting movement in order to switch lighting on and off.

Paul and his patent attorney, Matt Dixon, talk about the importance of protecting intellectual property when making advances in product development.

This is the third in a series of case study videos by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA).

Directable microwave detector
It's all in the detail

01:03 - Paul Mans describes what is new and patentable about the product
01:32 - Identifying what needs patenting to give the maximum scope of protection
01:50 - The importance of constantly innovating and protecting your IP
02:09 - The virtuous of circle of product development, product protection and strong market position - the key to a strong business