My invention: building a business from a simple idea with a patent

The Janger

So you're an inventor or a designer with a new product that is based on a very simple innovation. Is it worth making an investment to protect your product from being copied?

Guy Taylor, Director of The Janger™, thinks it is.

In this video Guy explains how he turned his simple plastic clip into a worldwide business by protecting it with a patent with help from his patent attorney Chris Aldridge.

This is the second in our series of case study videos.

The Janger
Just a bit of plastic?

00:28 - How the idea for The Janger came about 
00:58 - The importance of protecting simple inventions
01:07 - How protecting IP turned The Janger into a worldwide business
01:54 - Fighting those who tried to copy The Janger
02:27 - "A patent inside a brand gives you a company to sell"