Why you should choose a UK IP professional

We live in a global business world and intellectual property rights help businesses to compete on this international stage. That is why it is important to take advice from intellectual property professionals who have an international perspective and specialist skills and knowledge.

UK IP professionals are respected throughout the world for their ability to deal with complex and challenging matters. They have strong technical training, high professional standards and a strong focus on client service, which assists clients to achieve their commercial objectives.

The UK’s international leadership in areas such as finance, business, science and creativity has made extensive use of IP services. As a result, UK IP professionals have high levels of international experience.

The UK IP profession has the skills and resources to handle worldwide IP portfolios, co-ordinate global dispute resolution, and advise on transactions and exploitation strategies with an international reach.

Made up of solicitors, barristers, patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys, the UK IP profession provides a comprehensive service for all types of IP rights.

The UK also has a great IP system and functions as an international IP hub. 

The UK’s IP system is consistently ranked by independent research as one of the best in the world. Specialist courts and judges - renowned for their impartiality, experience and skill – as well as experienced arbitrators and mediators, provide a well-developed system for resolving IP disputes.

Litigation decisions can usually be expected within 12 months. This speed of judgement along with the rigorous testing of evidence are among the features which set the UK apart from other countries.

The use of English as the international language of business and science, and the UK profession’s experience of working in both civil and common-law legal systems, confirm the UK as an international hub for IP work. 

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