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Chemistry Patent Attorney, Yorkshire

Chemistry Patent Attorney, Yorkshire

It’s a common theme through our recent advertisements that recruitment is still happening even when Covid-19 is doing its worst. We don’t know how long this will go on for, we don’t know what long-term impact this will have on the profession or what positions may be available in the next six months. So, whilst it might feel prudent to wait to move positions the opposite could well be true. When lockdown ends there may still be very few options to consider but more attorneys competing for these roles. There will be some redundancies, unfortunately, sadly, but it will be the case. So, a firm crazy enough to recruit someone while everyone is still locked down must be very confident of their financial position and providing you with job security. 

We’ve talked through the issues of recruitment now extensively with this client and they’ve explained how they’ve earmarked cash reserves to cover worst case scenarios but also where they see opportunities such that these reserves are highly unlikely to be needed. In terms of the job itself they have a good portfolio of chemistry work but they want someone who will join and help them grow. They’ll give you extensive flexibility on how that might be achieved, you could travel (when we all can), you can go to events, you can tap into your own network or theirs. In the meantime, they’ll support a flexible working environment and a great remuneration package.

For more information or to apply for this role please send an email to contact@fellowsandassociates.com or telephone +44 20 7903 5019. 

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October 2020
Pete Fellows
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Fellows and Associates
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  • UK: Yorkshire and Humberside