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Consultant, Strategist, Patent Attorney. Electronics Multiple Vacancies

Consultant, Strategist, Patent Attorney. Electronics Multiple Vacancies

We know that when perusing advertisements for electronics patent attorneys that many of them look the same. They mention drafting, they mention prosecution, they talk about some of the large corporate clients you will be working with. Is it any different from where you are now? How do you know? Do you do all of this already? Is there any point in moving? Maybe you should consider industry, that sounds different. So, what about this role is genuinely different? How can it be? Aren’t all patent firms the same?

Please stop.

We know you need to mull all this over but not all opportunities are created equal. How so, you ask? You are still going to be drafting and prosecuting patents, right? Well, obviously, this is still a patent attorney job and if you don’t like drafting and prosecuting patents you might need to rethink your life choices. BUT, and this but is important, everything else is different. It really is. You may think you’re working with ‘big corporate clients’ but do you really have their ear? Do you have a direct line to their IP team in the US, the UK or elsewhere? Does your firm have real influence not just from the UK but internationally over their clients’ IP strategy? And what do they do when they have a dispute? You wouldn’t be involved, would you? All the meaty oppositions work is dealt with by the partners and senior associates, right? Nope, this firm trust that by hiring great people those great people can handle oppositions work from part qualified level and up. You should be getting EPO experience early is their philosophy.

Ok what else? Well patent attorneys should not be locked in a room you should be out there, meeting people, new prospective clients and significant existing clients. This firm has no interest in baby being in the corner or their patent attorneys for that matter (I believe they’re positively minded to Patrick Swayze’s back catalogue if that helps?)

We have your attention now, don’t we? We should, but just in case you need more – they have a very positive outlook when it comes to remuneration. They want you to be earning more than your peers not the same, who wants the same? And, they want you to think about the long term. They are. Even at part qualified level they’ll be considering how you’ll progress all the way to partner, how you’ll build your own practice, how you’ll make your career.

If you think all the options for you are the same then put it to the test. This is truly, genuinely different, you will not find another firm like them. Or you could just stay where you are, all attorney jobs are the same aren’t they?

For more information or to apply please contact Pete Fellows at pete.fellows@fellowsandassociates.com or telephone +44 20 7903 5019.

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July-August 2019
Pete Fellows or Phillipa Holland
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Fellows and Associates
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