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Patent Attorneys, London

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Haley Guiliano in London is part of a full-service international IP firm with its other offices in New York City and San Jose, California.

What’s so new?

With our roots in the US we have developed a particularly commercial approach to patent portfolio strategic management. We actively engage with clients in the commercialisation of their patent assets before, during and after prosecution. We also get involved in contentious proceedings. In short, we are creative with and for our clients. Take a look: www.hglaw.com

But a US law firm…?

Come and talk to us. The remit is to make the European element of Haley Guiliano work for all clients in an environment that is attractive to the best European patent attorneys who are willing to take on a challenge. That means a European culture from the top down.

Where do I fit in?

As we say: “When patents matter, good is not enough”. If you are put off by the thought of having to extend your knowledge and apply it in real-world situations that really matter, where making the best of a case may need particularly creative thinking, then skip to the next advert.

If, on the other hand, you are intrigued by the thought of a dynamic environment where the commercialisation of IP assets is at the forefront of everything you do, where creativity really does count, read on.

What’s on offer?

Due to the current trajectory of the business we need people to do the work, but we are not the types to rest on our laurels. We are looking for competent EPAs in all technical fields and at various levels, from near-qualified onwards, with an aptitude for continuing business development and creative patent counselling. Where you are in the profession is not so important as who you are. The salaries are more than competitive and the path to partnership is as open as you want to make it. Benefits are commensurate with the job. We are just about to move into bespoke offices in the Holborn area to provide an ideal working environment. Opportunities to engage with our US offices are always possible and, indeed, encouraged.

If you are still reading get in touch:

Email graham@marlowiprecruit.com in strictest confidence with a c.v. and something about why you think your skills are particularly suited to being part of the HG team.

All third-party applications will be forwarded to Marlow IP Recruitment for assessment.

Posted date
June 2019
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Haley Guiliano LLP

75 Broad Street, Suite 1000, New York, New York 10004, United States

111 North Market Street, Suite 900, San Jose, California 95113, United States

Haley Guiliano International LLP

Central Court, 25 Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1AL, United Kingdom

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