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Practitioners Works (available from Sweet & Maxwell)  

As well as the titles available for sale via the ESHOP, CIPA also publishes a number of practitioner works in partnership with Sweet & Maxwell. See their website for full details on all the titles listed below

CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts 
8th edition, January 2016
Any Patent Question Answered
The 8th Edition of the CIPA Guide is a fully updated version of this established work, acknowledged since 1980 as a must-have for any practitioner advising on patents. Bringing together the expertise of 34 highly respected professionals including patent attorneys, solicitors and members of the Bar individually selected for their knowledge and insight, this essential guide gives you all the tools you need to protect the rights of your clients. Features a unique section-by-section guide to the Patents Act 1977 and relevant provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Includes the complete text of relevant Patents Rules, Civil Procedure Rules and practice directions. Provides extensive commentary on the interpretation of each section by the UK-IPO and courts, and on relevant case law of the EPO Boards of Appeal. Refers to several thousands of case decisions. Acts as a practical guide to the current requirements and procedures before the UK-IPO and the UK courts.

European Patents Handbook [The 'EPH'] 
A standard text for attorneys practising under the European Patent Convention (EPC), with an extensive compilation of cases decided before the European Patent Office. Published by Sweet & Maxwell. 

European Patents Sourcefinder
A guide to decided cases and other publications on the EPC. Published by Sweet & Maxwell. 

The Trade Marks Handbook
The standard practitioner's text on UK trade mark law and practice, also covering practice in the European Community Office at Alicante. Published in conjunction with the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, through Sweet & Maxwell. 

The Patent Co-operation Treaty Handbook
The standard practitioners' text for those practising under the Patent Co-operation Treaty. Published by Sweet & Maxwell. 

The Community Trade Mark Handbook
An authoritative guide to the Community Trade Mark - a comprehensive analysis in looseleaf format. Published in conjunction with the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, through Sweet & Maxwell. 


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