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Books out of Print

CIPA publications - out of print (last updated 18 September 2020)

Over the years CIPA has produced a number of books and training manuals that are no longer available in print. Although the law in some of these titles may be dated, the content is interesting for IP professionals as well as those studing to be patent attorneys or IP paralegals. Therefore, we have made some of these available to buy as page-turners at a discounted price. If you have any questions or cannot find what you were looking for, please contact

How to Pass P3: A CIPA Study Guide (2010)

By Iain Russell. Available as a page turner for £10. Click here for details.

Preparing patent applications is the essence of our profession. It is where our profession started, and is a skill which sets us apart from others in the IP field. Without patent applications, there is no patent infringement, there are no validity issues, no concerns over amendments and none of the complications concerning when a fee is due or whether a time limit is extendible. The purpose of P3 is to test whether you can prepare a decent UK patent application. This guide provides helpful tips on how to pick up marks and pass P3? 

Patents Training Manual (2010) 

Edited by Gwilym Roberts. Available as a page turner for £50. Click here for details.

CIPA's Patents Training Manual (2010) is now out of print. A new edition is due for publication in early 2021. In the meantime, the old edition is available to purchase here as a page-turner.  

Design and Copyright Training Manual (2008) 

Author: Rebecca Chambers. Editors: Keith Farwell and William Jones
Available as a page turner on request.

Ensuring that trainee patent attorneys and trainee trade mark attorneys receive the training that they need can be a valuable but time-consuming task. Base your training programme on the CIPA Designs and Copyright Training Manual, and you have a structured framework of study already prepared. This manual is designed to give you a basic introduction to the law and practice relating to registered designs and unregistered design rights.

Topics covered include: Community Registered Design; Registered designs in the UK; International Registration system and unregistered design right Introduction to literary and artistic copyright, mainly as it impacts on the; work of patent and trade mark attorneys.

Principles of Trade Mark Law for Patents Candidates (2009)

Foundation Level Training Manual 
Author: Rebecca Chambers. Editors: Keith Farwell and Robert Weston.
Available as a page turner on request.

This manual will give you a basic introduction to the law relating to trade marks in the UK, as well as the Community Trade Mark and the Madrid Protocol. The manual is designed primarily for those of you who are new to trade marks and who do not have day-to-day experience of a trade marks practice.

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