Membership Fees


CPA Fellow - £414.00
Fellow of the Institute (Retired) - £184.00


Associate Grade - £317.00
Retired Associate - £184.00

European Patent Attorneys

EPA Grade - £357.00
Retired EPA member - £184.00


Student Grade - £184.00
Student Self payer - £92.00


Overseas Grade £357.00
Retired Overseas Member - £184.00

IP Paralegal

IP Paralegal Grade - £138.00

Fee Reductions

We offer reduced rates of membership fees to those who are on parental leave, practice breaks, out of employment, out of work due to extended illness etc. To discover if you are applicable for a reduce rate please contact:


Journal Subscription Fees

Non Members can also subscribe to the CIPA Journal by emailing

All fees include postage charges and subscriptions run from January to December each year.


UK Journal Subscription - £130  

EU Journal Subscription - £165

Rest of World Journal Subscription - £200