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Will you disclose my data to third parties?

CIPA does not sell, provide or supply personal data to third parties for commercial purposes or for financial gain.  CIPA will only make personal data available to third parties:

1. Where you have given your express consent (e.g., for your contact details, interests & other material to appear in any Directory or Register of Members, whether electronic or printed, or for your contact details and your interests to be passed to others to enable the formation of, committees, special interest groups or other professional processes);

2. Where it is necessary to fulfil our obligations to you (for example, when your name & address are given to a mailing house or distributor so that CIPA communications, notices or other materials can be dispatched to you);

3. To answer an enquiry from a legitimate source as to whether or not you are in active membership of CIPA;

4. Where CIPA employs a contractor or consultant to reconfigure, upgrade or renew software or hardware systems employed to process membership or other data, limited to the data required to perform such functions;

5. Where it is necessary to comply with an order from a regulatory or statutory body which is empowered to require us to release your data; or

6. In the case of CIPA contractors, consultants or staff, to supply references and other data on request.  In these cases, only sufficient data will be released to enable the third party to carry out the purpose for which the data is released.