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What information is being collected?

CIPA collects, processes, and uses information provided by you relating to your membership of CIPA; past or potential membership of CIPA; use of CIPA’s services; purchase of CIPA products or goods; examinations or assessments administered by or on behalf of CIPA; employment as a member of staff; engagement as contractor or consultant. The information we hold is dependent on the relationship you have with CIPA, but typically includes:

1. Contact details: where appropriate CIPA records your title, full names, any designatory letters after your name, your job title, employment or contract type, the name of your employer, office & home addresses, telephone & fax numbers, email & website addresses;

2. Other personal data: where appropriate CIPA records your date of birth, gender, educational qualifications together with dates and institutions, professional qualifications, any honours you hold, your membership of other bodies including directorships and trusteeships, your dietary requirements, any medical information you provide;

3. Your interests: where appropriate CIPA records information you provide relating to your professional areas of expertise & your professional interests;

4. Financial data: where appropriate CIPA records information you give us relating to subscriptions & other payments to CIPA, plus any information generated by us, your bank or any other related agencies to record payments, dates, reminders, direct debit payments or standing orders to CIPA, credit card payments, bank details & other related financial transactions;

5. Activity data: where appropriate CIPA records information relating to your continuing professional development (CPD),  events or activities CIPA invites you to and your attendance, elections in which you’ve been invited to vote (but not the votes you have cast), your membership of or involvement with CIPA Council, CIPA committees, CIPA working parties or groups and any CIPA offices or positions you might hold or any positions on outside bodies where you represent the interests of the profession;

6. Commercial data: where appropriate CIPA records information including CIPA related financial data about bookings, subscriptions or purchases related to CIPA’s activities, for example room hire, catering, equipment hire, administrative support or other products or services;

7. Publicly available data: where appropriate CIPA records information taken from company accounts and other publicly available sources;

8. Personnel data: where appropriate CIPA records information about the people we employ, have employed or otherwise worked with, either directly or in the capacity of contractors or consultants;

9. Survey data: where appropriate CIPA records information gathered through surveys used by CIPA for research purposes; and

10. Cookie information: CIPA uses cookies for the following purposes;

  • Analytical - to help us analyse the performance and use of our website and services.
  • Authentication - to identify you when visiting and navigating through our website.
  • eShop - to maintain the state of your shopping cart once you add a product.
  • Cookies consent - we use cookies to store your consent.