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How long will you keep my data?

1. Data relating to an individual who is or has been a member of CIPA may be kept and processed indefinitely for historical purposes.  Applications for membership, web form submissions and other applications or updating data (but not financial data) and minutes and transactions will be copied & stored indefinitely on secure servers, compact data disc or a similar storage media.  This data may be placed in CIPA’s secure archives and may be made available for purposes of research, history and statistical analysis;

2. Other than the data identified above, data on an individual who has lapsed, resigned from membership or who has been expelled from membership may be edited to ensure that only data necessary for historical purposes is processed, except where the individual owes outstanding subscriptions or other monies, in which case a record of that debt will be retained and processed or where the individual has received a membership sanction from CIPA, in which case a record of that decision and the reasons for it will be kept and processed. Financial data on an individual who has resigned will normally be held for up to a minimum of six years in accordance with company law for auditing purposes;

3. Examination results data will be kept indefinitely and will be used to confirm results to candidates, for academic research, or to provide historical record. Marked examination scripts will kept for 3 months after results are published after the date the results are published, and during this time will be kept within a secure confidential document facility. They will then be destroyed, except where they are retained for use in whole or in part as exemplars, in training and for the purpose of monitoring standards over time. Marked scripts used for those purposes will be anonymised.

Examination scripts are specifically exempted from the DPA.  This does not include any comments, annotations or marks made on the scripts by Examiners or Assessors, which are included in the definition of personal data;

4. Data on an individual who is not in membership but who has purchased products or services from CIPA will normally be kept and processed for a minimum of six years.

5. Data on a data subject who is otherwise involved with CIPA will be kept for a period of time commensurate with the purpose for which the data is kept, for example data on someone who has made a substantial contribution to the work of CIPA will be kept indefinitely;

6. Data on employees or past employees will be kept and processed for a minimum of six years.