15-Jan-18 - Recent Developments in EPO Procedures for Patent Administrators
16-Jan-18 - Intellectual Property Rights Assignments: key provisions and pitfalls
17-Jan-17 - Better Letters (Administrators)
18-Jan-18 - Partial priority in the light of G 1/15
13-Feb-18 - Bolar and Related Exemptions in Europe - what do they protect?
20-Feb-18 - Better Letters (Student members)
26-Feb-18 - Trade Secret Asset Management
27-Feb-18 - UP and UPC for Administrators
6-Mar-18- Changes to the UK Patents Fees in April
14-Mar-18 - GDPR webinar
27-Mar-18 - Review of Lambert Toolkit
9-Apr-18 - Recent changes to the PCT system – Overview and update
23-Apr-18 - Trade marks – a refresher for Patent Attorneys
8-May-18- Claim Drafting for Biotech Cases
9-May-18- African Patent Practice webinar
15-May-18 - Why looking after your Mental Health is so Important
22-May-18 - Top tips for studying under pressure
30-May-18 - Technology and Idea Assessment Webinar 
4-Jun-18- UP/UPC The practicalities of the UP and the opt-out for an EPA
5-Jun-18- Plausibility and technical contribution in the EPO and the UK courts
14-Jun-18 - Outside Your Comfort Zone: Patent Searching
20-Jun-18 - US/EPO Patent Case Law Update
22-Jun-18 - UP/UPC Experiences to-date from a practical in-house perspective: Preparing an in-house patent portfolio for the UPC jurisdiction and any opt-out decisions
26-Jun-18 - SPC's - Extending Patent Life (Patent Administrator Webinar)
27-Jun-18 - UK Patent Case-Law Update
3-Jul-18 - Attacking the counterfeit supply chain at home and overseas
4-Jul-18 - EPO Oppositions
5-Jul-18 - The business case for diversity and inclusion (IP Inclusive webinar 1 of 3)
17-Jul-18- Professional Ethics
31-Jul-18- Introduction to Copyright – Administrators webinar
14-Aug-18 - Mentoring FD4 (P6) PEB candidates - advice and guidance
6-Sep-18- Practical steps for tackling unconscious bias  (IP inclusive webinar 2 of 3)
18-Sep-18 - Open Innovation  (4pm)
10-Oct-18 - Copyright and the Internet
16-Oct-18 - EPO Appeals
18-Oct-18 - Regulatory Data and Orphan Exclusivity for Medicinal Products
24-Oct-18 - Canadian Patent Practice
25-Oct-18 - Educating the Client
31-Oct-18 - SPCs
6-Nov-18 - The latest trend in patent litigation in China
12-Nov-18 - How to Fund Litigation Webinar 
20-Nov-18 - How Your Clients Can Fund Even More Innovation
22-Nov-18 - CIPA in conjunction with IP Inclusive - Dealing with Strong Emotions
03- Dec-18 - Litigation Financing -  Removing Financial Risks from Patent Infringement
07- Dec- 18 - Subject Eligibility for Software in the United States: Recent Developments
10- Dec- 18 - AI - understanding it, patent it and what might happen next