Training for the EQE, 8-10 January 2018

Training for the EQE

Dates: 13-15 November 2017 (Part 1)
8-10  January 2018 (Part 2)
Venue: Central London

Are you training to be a European Patent Attorney? Are you preparing to take the EQE in Spring 2018? Support your studies by attending our preparatory course, learn from experienced practitioners and previous candidates, and network with fellow professionals.

This course is for candidates preparing for the main papers (A, B, C and D) of the European Qualifying Examinations (EQE) before the European Patent Office. It is structured in two parts and reflects the practical nature of the examinations. Part 2 can be booked separately, although taking the complete course is recommended.

Why book Queen Mary University of London’s course?

  • Between 2007 and 2012 the pass rates of QMUL-trained candidates were generally in excess of 90%, in some years rising to 100%.
  • In-depth study of previous EQE papers in small groups and with highly experienced tutors.
  • The course is continuously adjusted to the changing requirements of the examination and the profession. Our tutors have been teaching this course for at least six years. 
  • Queen Mary University of London has nearly 30 years’ experience running this programme and provides close academic supervision.

For more information and to register please go to website

This course is provided by the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London, 67-69 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London  WC2A  3JB,


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