CBBC China Business Masterclass: Intellectual Property Workshop (London)

Date: 23 January 2019 at 9pm

Location: 3rd Floor, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BH

For many firms, legal uncertainty and concerns about the protection of their company’s intellectual property rights (IPR) are enough to dissuade them from doing business in China. With proper guidance and planning, most companies can mitigate this risk through strong enforceable legal agreements together with an IPR strategy. 

Intellectual property rights (IPR) are commonly cited as one of the major deterrents for companies new to working in China. Although China’s system for IPR protection is improving, challenges remain, and companies are advised to take necessary precautions before entering the market. Whether you are considering manufacturing in China, or to sell your products or services into the market, IPR protection is a key issue for companies across different sectors.

Attend this half day workshop to hear from experienced legal experts about protecting your IP in China. 

The workshop will be led by Hugh Dunlop and Handong Ran of Maucher Jenkins.

For more information and to book, please visit the CBBC website.