Litigation Skills Course

Litigation Skills Course

CIPA’s Litigation Skills Course

2017 Course

Information about the Course and Examination 

To find out more about the course please listen to this twenty minute WebEx, prepared by Vicki Salmon.
For details about the current course dates and costs please see here.

Delegate registration will open on the 31 July 2017. The registration form will be posted here.

Part one

The first part is an online learning course.

There are three interactive learning units which together require approximately 30-40 hours of learning to be undertaken before attending a weekend face to face course. The units are

  • Preparation

  • Litigation   

  • Evidence and Ethics

Students also have to read and assimilate a case study on which the oral examination will be based.

 Online learning allows for:

  • Direct engagement with the learning materials.

  • Greater flexibility of when and where the learning can take place.
  • Minimisation of travelling and time spent away from the office or home.

By downloading and/or printing materials, some of the online learning can be done away from a computer, but the learning activities, examination practice and other elements of the course, will require access to a computer.  CIPA will monitor candidate progress throughout the online course.

Part two

The second part of the course is a weekend residential course with face to face sessions. It is important to stress that this is not a revision course. Experienced tutors will guide delegates through developing advocacy skills, and practising both the drafting of a written submission and the delivery of an oral submission based on the case study. 



The PEB will conduct the examinations for this course. There will be a two-hour examination and a ten-minute oral examination. Sample questions for the written examination are integrated in the online learning and past question papers, oral tasks and other examination materials can be found here. There will be mock examinations for both the written and oral examinations held on the second day of the face to face course. The live examinations will be on a weekday, in London, and the examination timetable can be found here.


You will find information about the costs of the course and examinations here.

Registering for the course and examinations

A registration form which covers registration for both the course and the examinations will be posted on the PEB website here.

If you have any questions please email:, and we will be happy to help.