Patent Prosecution and Patent Invalidation Procedure in India

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Patent Prosecution and Patent Invalidation procedure in India
Start date Monday, March 4, 2019 12:30 PM
End date Monday, March 4, 2019 01:30 PM
Price Non Member £72.00 (Includes £12.00 VAT)
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Indian Patent Law is unique in more than one ways and applicants often face a number of challenges while prosecuting their patent applications in India. 

This webinar introduces you to the peculiar provisions in India, different aspects of prosecuting patents in India and best practices as well as practice pointers for obtaining the best possible protection in India. The webinar also deals with different kinds patent invalidation procedures available in India explained with the help of some cases. Broadly you will learn:

  • Overview of Indian patent system and trends
  • Best ways to file and prosecute patent applications in India (focus- life sciences and pharma)
  • Patent invalidation procedures in India
  • Case law


Speaker Information: 

Our guest speaker, Amrish Tiwari, is an experienced Indian patent attorney with a specialization in pharmaceuticals and chemical sciences. A partner with a top notch IP Firm in India, K&S Partners, he has deep expertise in handling prosecution and contentious work in the field of pharmaceuticals and chemistry. The expert and practical insights from him will bring you up to date with the Indian patent system, its peculiarities and tips for a successful patent prosecution in India. The session will also give you an inside view into the Indian contentious patent practice