Dealing with Strong Emotions at Work

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CIPA in conjunction with IP Inclusive - Dealing with Strong Emotions at Work
Start date Wednesday, November 28, 2018 12:30 PM
End date Wednesday, November 28, 2018 01:30 PM
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An event to build empathy and understanding of ourselves and our colleagues as human beings, so that our workplaces become more inclusive places.

Many people find it difficult to deal with strong emotions at work – their own, and those they may experience from colleagues.  Whether by nature or nurture, some of us are more likely to become tearful when feeling frustrated, some of us to be aggressive or confrontational.  Strong emotions can be hard to control, and can complicate our working relationships.  This webinar will help you understand and respond to what's going on when a person gets emotional.  It aims to dismantle the stereotypes and biases that surround our emotional responses, so that we can value individuals for who they are (emotions and all), with the result that we create more inclusive teams and a working environment in which everyone is valued and accepted.

CIPA alongside IP Inclusive would like to present our speaker, career and leadership coach Jo Maughan who returns to IP Inclusive following her hugely popular webinar on “imposter syndrome” last September.  We are looking forward to hearing more of her engaging stories and practical workplace tips.

Confirmed speakers

•Jo Maughan, FCA, ACC, career and leadership coach

•Chair: Andrea Brewster, IP Inclusive Leader