Guide to the impact of Brexit on all IP rights

Guide to the impact of Brexit on all IP rights

CIPA today publishes an exhaustive guide to the impact of Brexit on all intellectual property rights.

The 12-page paper details our strong preference for the UK to remain part of the Unified Patent Court system after Brexit, along with the likely impact on the full range of IP rights, systems and transactions.

The paper examines the effect that the UK leaving the EU will have on:

  • EPC, PCT and UK patents
  • Community trade marks, registered designs and community plant variety rights
  • Trade secrets and data safety
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates
  • Regulatory data protection
  • Orphan drug exclusivity
  • Copyright
  • The Nagoya Protocol
  • IP disputes
  • The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court
  • IP transactions
  • Parallel imports and exhaustion of rights
  • IP tax relief

It is business as usual for UK patent and trade mark attorneys who continue to enjoy full rights of representation to work before the UK and European IP Offices. CIPA will work with the UK Government and other partners to ensure that as many of these rights as possible are retained after exit from the EU.

The UK is a great venue for business and for obtaining and enforcing IP rights in Europe. CIPA is committed to ensuring that this will continue.

Read the full Impact of Brexit on IP Position Paper.