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Published: 14 November 2017
By: Publications

The CIPA Journal is sent directly to over 3800 IP professionals including all our members as well as subscribers. This includes all UK chartered patent attorneys in addition to our associate members – barristers, solicitors, patent administrators and other IP professionals – and student members.

The "Pink Sheets" of the Journal include details of IP events and courses and has a section devoted to advertising for job vacancies as well as professional services including translators, education providers, overseas firms, consultants.

Advertising costs and dimensions

The charges for advertising in the CIPA Journal are listed below (the dimensions for each type of advertisement is given in brackets). Please note that all adverts are printed in full colour.  Click here to book an advert by email.
Full page (187mm wide x 230mm deep) 
£500.00 + VAT (£450.00 + VAT for members)

Half page (187mm wide x 112mm deep) 
£325.00 + VAT (£275.00 + VAT for members)

Quarter page (90mm wide x 112mm deep) 
£210.00 + VAT (£180.00 + VAT for members)

Double page spread (420mm wide x 260mm deep +3mm bleed
£900.00 + VAT (£800.00 + VAT for members)

Small advertisement (90mm wide x 35 mm deep) 
£60.00 + VAT Members only 

Box numbers 
£50.00 + VAT Members only

Outside back cover - (210mm wide x 260mm deep +3mm bleed) £800+VAT for members, £950+VAT for non-members. 

Inside front cover - (210mm wide x 260mm deep +3mm bleed) £750+VAT for members, £850+VAT for non-members. 

Inside back cover - (210mm wide x 260mm deep +3mm bleed) £700+VAT for members, £800+VAT for non-members. 

Online only recruitment adverts
£300 + VAT (£250 + VAT for members) for a one-month listing. Jobs posted in within 1 working day.

CIPA Journal deadline dates 2017

 Issue   Editorial deadline  Advert Booking Deadline   Advert Artwork Deadline
 November   Tuesday 10 October  Monday 16 October  Friday 20 October
 December  Friday 10 November  Wednesday 15 November  Monday 20 November

CIPA Journal deadline dates 2018

 Issue   Editorial deadline  Advert Booking Deadline   Advert Artwork Deadline 
 January  Monday 11 December   Friday 15 December 2017  Wednesday 20 December 
 February  Wednesday 10 January  Monday 15 January  Monday 22 January
 March  Monday 12 February  Thursday 15 February   Tuesday 20 February 
 April  Monday 12 March  Thursday 15 March   Tuesday 20 March                
 May  Tuesday 10 April  Monday 16 April                  Friday 20 April  
 June  Thursday 10 May  Wednesday 16 May   Monday 21 May 
 July-August    Monday 11 June  Monday 18 June            Wednesday 20 June               
 September   Friday 10 August  Wednesday 15 August  Monday 20 August
 October   Monday 10 September  Monday 17 September  Thursday 20 September
 November   Wednesday 10 October  Monday 15 October  Monday 22 October
 December  Monday 12 November  Thursday 15 November  Tuesday 20 November

Take advantage of the CIPA mailing list by including your flyers in the CIPA Journal. Costs of inserting leaflets start at £500 + VAT for members, £600 + VAT for non-members. For more details please contact Iain Ross.
Enquiries and bookings
For advertising enquiries please contact the Iain Ross, by email or telephone on 020 3289 6445 or 07484 282236.
Requesting an example copy
If you wish to receive an example copy of The Journal please email your address.
See below or click here to see a recent edition of the CIPA Journal.

To subscribe to the CIPA Journal please contact CIPA.