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Electronics Patent Attorney, Qualified, London

Electronics Patent Attorney, Qualified, London

There are loads of opportunities for qualified attorneys with an electronics background in London. Loads. So why would you apply to this one of all places? What makes it better? We have a few ideas so here are some handy bullets:

  • Their clients. Yes, we know every firm says they have super clients so what makes this one special? They deal with a lot of companies that you will have heard of. But also, they’re companies your cat would have heard of and your next door neighbour, Dave. You know, really big ones. Then they deal with small (very small) ones that your cat might hear about in a few years’ time, the really exciting startups, university spin outs and fly by the seat of their pants entrepreneurs.
  • The stuff they work on. You hear this a lot too but as a consequence of their clients they have a super varied workload, often very complex and technically challenging.
  • Their culture. They’re a really nice bunch of people. We don’t think that’s valued enough actually.
  • The opportunities they have medium term and long. They’re growing. Quickly. So that means they’ll need more people at the upper echelons of the firm.


So, there you go, this one is different. We promise. If you have an electronics background or something similar give us a call and we can tell you more.

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April 2019
Pete Fellows or Phillipa Holland
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020 7903 5019
  • UK: London