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  • Inside Intellectual Property
    Inside Intellectual Property

    £40 / £35 CIPA members 
    +PP for outside the UK; 

    This management text, written by Michael Jewess and published by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, seeks to help intellectual property law practitioners relate law and legal practice to their clients’ business objectives. It is written for insiders by an insider who believes that the devil is often in the detail of which an outsider is unaware. Effecting a grand strategy may often depend on the details of a law, on the details of claim and agreement drafting, and even on what boxes (“fields”) are available on computer screens. A consequence of this perspective is, it is hoped, that the book will be of immediate practical value to practitioners, building on what they already know rather than imposing some external philosophy with unnecessary novel concepts.

    Price: £40.00
  • Patents Training Manual
    Patents Training Manual
    £75 +PP for outside the UK
    The latest edition of the UK Patents Training Manual is now available. As with the previous version, the manual provides a broad, practical perspective on areas that the trainee is likely to deal with. The Patents Training Manual is an essential resource for patent attorneys in their first few years of practice. Extracts from the Patents Training Manual can be seen in the May, June and July 2008 Journals. 

    Price: £75.00
  • Study Guide to the Patents Acts (2015)
    Study Guide to the Patents Acts (2015)

    £45 non-members - £35 members 
    +PP for outside the UK
    <%$Linker: 2 External 0 0 0 Doug Ealey false false false%>’s Study Guide to the Patents Acts sets out to achieve the opposite of such books as Visser and Hoekstra. Rather than provide exhaustive commentary on patent law for reference during the open book EQEs, it instead simplifies the law and commentary as far as possible to provide a bare-bones reference that can be readily learnt by students taking the closed-book UK finals.

    The 2015 edition has been updated to incorporate the changes to patent and design law introduced by the Intellectual Property Act, and also reflects the changes made to the PEB syllabus this year. 

    This book is designed to help prepare for the PEB FD1 (formerly P2) examination.

    Price: £45.00
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